Voltron: The Legendary Defender

I got to know about Voltron because there exists a considerably big fandom of it on Tumblr. I really liked the tumblr fan art and fan posts so I decided to watch it.

Guess what? It hasn’t let me down.

So Voltron is basically a American-Japanese animated series which was announced by Netflix and DreamWorks animation to debut in 2016 (which it did). The storyline is amazing; five pilots (known as Paladins in the show) who each pilot a lion (Black Lion, Red Lion, Blue Lion, Yellow Lion and Green Lion)    team up to form a giant robot called Voltron. Now, Voltron is the mightiest weapon in the whole universe and the four Paladins defend the universe from the evil Emperor Zarkon as he continuously tries to get his hands on Voltron. The voice actors have done an epic job, specially Keaton. The aesthetics of the show are pleasing. The animation is amazing. The humor is good. The characters are really adorable. I fell in love with ever character by the end of the first season. The filler characters are also likable. I love the show, it is filled with twists and turns and is definitely not dull. If you like anime you’re probably going to love Voltron. 

I recommend it to everyone. Definitely a 9.5/10 from me. 


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