more reasons to hate life

So it is Holi today and my friends invite me to play Holi with them and I can’t fucking go. I never go. Because I don’t have a vehicle. Now, if you lived in my city, you’d know just how much the public transport sucks here. And just like the hundreds of times I have done before, I text my friends that I won’t be coming. And I don’t go. I just sit home while literally all of the other people I know are having fun. This isn’t just the case with Holi, it happens when they make movie plans and with literally every other hang out plan. This is exactly what happened in school, too. And one day, they just start to completely ignore you and not include you in their plans and you just sit there at home, listening to your parents yell at you and telling you that you’re just over reacting to everything and should just try to shut the fuck up. 


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