Yesterday was my birthday, yep, guess who is not 20 anymore. Anyway, so long back, me and my friends from French class were discussing our birth dates and I remember me telling them, “If it ever is my birthday, I’d love if you guys don’t wish me because I fucking hate the fact that I was born and birthdays are overrated anyway.” So we all said some things about each of our birthdays.
So, yesterday, I decided to throw them a party because I love getting drunk and these are the people I’d actually like to spend my money on. So we did. We went to a nice place to get drunk. And these people remembered my rant about my birthday of all that time ago. The best part is, they remembered and they did not wish me. One of them said, “Okay, I’m not gonna wish you a happy birthday because I know you hate it so I just wish you have a good day today.” And then she hugged me. Like, that was a beautiful thing.

It felt amazing because not only this was the first time in my life that someone actually remembered what I said but also they cared about what I said. They actually cared and it felt amazing!


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