Yesterday evening as I was returning home from work, I got into a bus, and it was crowded as usual and no seat was empty (no shit, Sherlock!), so I had to stand.

Some time later, I saw one of my school teachers get into the bus. At first, I wasn’t sure it was her because it was really crowded and you had to stand on your toes to see past people. But then the crowd lessened as people kept getting out at their stops. I finally saw her face and it was her!

Now, let me tell you about her. She was my teacher at the school and taught us English and History. The only subjects that I really liked in school. She was the kind of teacher that actually made a difference in my life. She was brutally honest about everything. I like that about her. And probably was the only teacher in my school that actually had a clue about what she was teaching. This teacher and I had kind of good relations because I was good at the subjects she taught. Also, after school, we used to wait together for buses and she used to tell me just how much she disliked the principal.

Okay, now, back to yesterday. The bus was crowded. And she was standing at the back door while I was standing close to the entrance. But I knew I had to go talk to her even if it meant pushing people and them cursing me. So I did. I did go to her. And I was just like, “Hello, ma’am! Do you remember me?” She said, “Arey, of course, I do!” And then, we started chatting whilst people around us kept staring (because it’s not every day that you see two random people – one of which just pushes past all the people to get to the other – of random ages talking with each other in a bus in English).  

The reason I wrote this blog post is because of the following. We started talking about school. She said it sucked more now because the current principal was more pathetic than the old one. And we talked about my internship and future plans. She urged me to study outside of India. I said I was gonna. Then, I asked her about her life. I asked her why didn’t she leave the teaching job and do something which is not so boring and redundant. She told me she wants to. Which is why she is learning German now. She said she wants to be an Interpreter. Like, how cool is that? (I know. This may be considered ordinary in your country but it is a fucking big deal in mine. It’s massive. It’s actually epic in mine. Women having goals at the age of 50? Fuck yeah!)

See, now, there is me, a 20-year-old who is learning French (which is probably the only thing I do that I love) and working as an intern and is already tired of her life. And then there’s her. There is probably a 30 year age gap between us. And she is still so strong and has goals and is just so fucking amazing. I was shook. My respect for her has reached a whole nother level now.

I genuinely adore her.


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