2017 update

I have been planning to write about this since two days but I was waiting to see how today turns out. A lot of things have changed now. I am working as a finance intern, for starters. And last week has been really stressful since I haven’t really worked before. It took me a while to adjust to the new environment. I love my fellow intern, she’s really nice. I like my boss too. Also, I didn’t have my French classes last week which added to my depression. At one point I was so anxious that I literally took a break from everything and read Little Women.

Enough with the depressing details. I was watching YouTube videos yesterday and I found some really cool songs. I fucking love this song called WE LIKE 2 PARTY  by BIGBANG. I have listened to it more than 20 times now. Also, today was a really good day. I finally am feeling comfortable with the changes. I had my French class today. And meeting my friends at the class really lifted my spirits. I know job can be stressing but it is really the changes that stress me out. I guess, I am finally getting used to them. I hope to.


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