A beautiful discovery

This may seem weird, but as a teenager, I was never obsessed with Boy-Bands. Bands? Hell yeah. Boy-Bands? Nah.

See? That is weird. Because I think, every person does go through the Boy-Band phase.

I am twenty right now and finally going through this phase. And there’s a story behind that. And the story goes like this: I am obsessed with anime and have a Twitter completely devoted to it and I follow people who too have Twitters devoted to it. And it’s because of these people that I came across BTS (Bangtan Boys).

Stage one was Googling what was K-Pop (it’s a genre!). The Second stage was downloading all of the BTS songs and watching all of their music videos. The third stage was talking with those Twitter people (who loved BTS) about the boy band. And they helped me so much. They particularly asked me to watch BTS Bombs on YouTube.

Now for those of you who don’t know, BTS Bombs are the BTS’ behind the scenes and literally all the cute and dorky stuff that they do and is captured on the camera by either the band members or someone from the crew.

Therefore, now it was time to discover everything about BTS. And I’m talking real discovery. It can include anything from knowing every band member’s favorite food to (FUJOSHI ALERT!) who is in love with whom. And thus began my journey of discovery which took around seven days. And I remember it clearly, it was on the 25th of November that I started the journey. It is roughly been a month since I know them and already they are a big part of my life. What I love most about BTS is how pure they are. The boys are extremely beautiful and talented. And I love, as an Asian, that these guys are Asian too. (Fact 251710 about me: I fucking hate the Americans.)

Confession: It was difficult at first to tell one band member from the other. My sister said it is difficult to remember all their names and faces because they are Koreans (Clearly she mistook me for a weakling!).

Bonus: My favourite member of BTS is Park Jimin. Favourite song is Save Me. Favourite music video is No More Dream. And I ship Jimin with V.


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