Review: Super Lovers

I’m going to be very honest, I did not like this anime. Okay, okay, I get it, it’s very popular and you probably like it too! But hear me out!

This anime is basically yaoi. The protagonists are two characters named Haru and Ren. The story begins when Haru visits Canada to spend his summer holidays with his mother, Haruko. His mother then asks him to take responsibility of his younger adopted brother, Ren. Now, Ren is a wild little boy who likes to spend time with Haruko’s dogs. He keeps wandering in the woods with the dogs than socialize with people. Haruko wants Haru to make Ren a civil person.

Haru then teaches Ren the ways people behave, that is, to basically survive in the human society. This obviously improves the relationship between the two which leads to Haru taking Ren with him to Japan.

Now, I won’t reveal the rest of the story. They have tried to make the “Ren and Haru relationship” fluffy, which is why most people like it. But to me it was totally not okay. I don’t get how a grown up guy falls in love with his adopted brother who is basically just a child. Okay, I know this anime is not incest since Haru and Ren are not related by blood but seriously? All I saw was some very serious pedophilia, to be honest. And what pissed me off the most besides this Haru character is that the other characters don’t seem to mind any of the ‘creepy’ stuff that Haru keeps doing to Ren. Also, there is something going on between Aki and Shima, the twin brothers of Haru (Although, I’m not sure but I read discussions on the internet and there are people who noticed this too) which was very weird.

I honestly don’t know if I want a second season to this anime (I probably won’t watch it). But a lot of people like it so that’s okay. The artwork was really good. Also, I really won’t not recommend Super Lovers to other people since you really have to see it yourself to judge it.


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