The ugly truth.

The other day I was having a conversation with a guy friend of mine. I told him I hate the fact that this country is so male dominated. He, on the other hand, did not think the same way. He then talked absolute gibberish about feminism and explained to me why the country is not male dominated, which, made me wonder if the guy had brains at all.
I went home later and told my sister the conversation (wouldn’t exactly call it a conversation) I had with the brainless guy. She wasn’t surprised. She said she knew many brainless people like the guy and it was not necessarily all sausage fest. There are females too who think the way the guy did. Who turn deaf if you so much as say the word ‘feminism’. Who would much rather face discrimination on a daily basis than stand up for equality. Isn’t that the most predominant problem of the country? The women themselves not wanting the equality? The ugly truth you may call it.
I just am concerned about how some people know that there’s a problem but won’t do anything about it. These are the kind of people who would much rather drown in the water that’s leaking from their broken sink than fix the bloody sink.
As for me, honestly, I just hope the first kind grows themselves some brains and the second kind, either grows a pair of testicles or some ovaries.


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