The time I fell in love with a city.

Have you ever been to a city and you like it so much you wish you lived there but you don’t? Well, I have. Albeit, that wasn’t the first reason why I fell in love with this city. I read a book (Shantaram by Gregory Roberts) first and that’s when I knew I wanted to give it a visit.

In June last year, I did actually visit this city and it was beautiful. In fact, so beautiful that I felt the people walking around me didn’t admire it enough. Perhaps, it was more beautiful than the way it was described in the book. Or maybe it was just because the person I was exploring the city with was utterly in love with it too. Maybe that is the type of person you should always travel with.

I visited almost every place that’s mentioned in the book, right from the Gateway of India to café Leopold. It’s a peculiar thing really, to see a book come to life. What makes me want to come back to this city the most, though, is, the Marine Drive so I could just sit there for hours looking as the sun starts sinking into the sea. A part of me thinks being in love with a city is just like being in love with a person.

Ever since I was a kid, I have listened to a lot of Bollywood songs that describe Mumbai as the city of dreams and I have always wondered why but now I know and I’m not disappointed.


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